I’m a total R&D and startup geek.

I’m driven to align R&D and commercialisation using HCD methods that I have developed in over 240 projects, end-to-end, across 4 touch points: digital, spatial, services and physical, and areas still too new to be a megatrend. University of NSW, Powerhouse Museum, Bremen and Cape Town Universities recognised my different teams' R&D as “innovative and a milestone reached” in industries with intractable problems and disruption. 

If there was a past life, I would have been an educator, because everything I research, envision and publicly speak about, leverages how humans have evolved to learn through play.


good Local

What strategy, products and services would grow the economy of shared services?

Emerging Technologies 

The Magic Garden R&D incubator

How might we prove my new discovery in human learning, and envision the future classroom so that it increases children’s creative and learning potential?

Responsive Cities


How might we design responsive cities to increase operational efficiency and wellbeing?
And how might we create a manual for designing responsive cities?


Opera Australia

How might opera attract millennials to succeed its aging audience?


Rosemount Australian International Fashion Week

 How could we help people learn about the extensive network of professionals and their craft that supports Fashion Week?



How might we restore mobility in paraplegics?

My Process

How I answer big questions and envision a viable future.

Clients, Partners and Awards