I’m a CX designer who creates High Impact Learning Organisations & Spaces (HILOS) to exponentially increase people’s creative and learning potential.

I do it to help educational institutions prepare future generations shift from learning skills that will soon be automated, to be learning to use their strengths, inventing and strategy instead. I also do it because learning is happening in more types of urban spaces, and together we can design those spaces to effectively facilitate their intended learning behaviours.

HILOS comprise:

• An organisation that learns about itself using data to encourage desired learning behaviours among its staff that then help the organisation improve.

• Spatial experiences that exponentially increase pupils’ creative and learning potential by utilising ways humans have evolved to create and learn the easiest.

I design these learning behaviours into imaginative worlds and all their integrated touchpoints in detail:

• Digital

• Services

• Physical

• spatial

My process is often Lean and involves UX Research and Experience Design. It’s supported by my 17 years industrial design experience in museums, incubators and startups. I have designed over 240 educational, interactive experiences and internationally awarded and travelling exhibitions, encompassing 17 emerging technologies.

I’m a futurist in education and community-driven. I get excited about finding strategies, shaping processes and design movements. Currently I’m thrilled about growing a new profession of designers who have the practical teaching experience to create HILOS.


good Local

What strategy, products and services would grow the economy of shared services?

Emerging Technologies 

The Magic Garden R&D incubator

How might a community envision the future preschool to exponentially increase children’s creative and learning potential?

Responsive Cities


How might responsive smart cities learn about themselves faster to become resilient to future changes in behaviour and technologies? And how might we create a design manual to help consultants design cities to be responsive?


Opera Australia

How might opera attract millennials to succeed its aging audience? Why did they stop attending in the first place, well over 100 years ago?


Rosemount Australian International Fashion Week

How could we help people learn about the extensive network of professionals and their craft that makes Fashion Week happen,.. in only a matter of seconds?



How might we restore mobility in paraplegics?

My Process

How I answer big questions and envision a viable future.

Clients, Partners and Awards