The Inn of The Patriots and its participatory model for visitor engagement that leaves you with the memory of lifetime.

The Inn of the Patriots is creating something very unique, every day. And I wonder how long it will be before more inns start doing the same.

 In planning my intensive 5 month market research trip to the most ground breaking culinary specialists around America and Europe, I first heard of Marti Mongiello, a presidential chef who brings living history to the table and tours in a way that lets you learn by being involved. And every day, the Inn of the Patriots comes alive with a different story told through hearty recipes you enjoy, interactive performances, objects of historical significance, and culinary hands-on participation that lets you reconnect with the foodways of your own family from way back during the American Revolution.

Doesn't that sound like a core recipe of the newer emerging participatory museums around the world?

Tracing America's independence back in time from its presidency to its roots in the American Revolution, using the romanticism of something so universally understood as food, is a powerful business idea. Familiarity is always key to attracting a large audience and the Inn of the Patriots has a number of features:

  1.  The attraction of the presidency and the air of tension it creates.
  2. The romanticism of the American Revolution embellished by popular films like The Patriot that keep fueling our dreams.
  3. Food is a common denominator, a conversation starter and leveller that enables anyone to relate to another.

 In a number of interactive museums that use a participatory model, food is the last platform for bonding and developing a story, but at Marti's Inn it's the first. It starts subtly with a heritage breakfast that evolves into historical demonstrations, and that's just the beginning.

Have a look at their expansion plans and fund raiser:

Located in Grover, NC the owners of the highly awarded, successful inn, Presidential Culinary Museum, cooking institute, gift shops and spa with TV show series - The Inn of the Patriots - explain who, what, where, when, why and how of their proposed expansion onto a new property.