The Magic Garden R&D Incubator

How might we envision the future classroom so that it dramatically increases pre-literate children’s creative and learning potential? 

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We built an R&D incubator to develop educational technologies that proved a new discovery I made about how humans learn through play. This included a new design philosophy and best practices specifically for creating educational technologies. 


  • 3 year old children focused 3-9 times longer.
  • 4 year olds gained the conceptual reasoning of 7 year olds.
  • Aggressive children became calm, contemplative and collaborative.

Scope and Strategy

  • Research and discovery of a new theory of human learning.
  • Creating a new design philosophy for educational experiences and a Blue Ocean Strategy.
  • Design Research (Lean UX and Posthuman) of an intractable problem between preschools and families.
  • Incubating (with Lean Startup methods) and scientific measurements to show impact on schooling.
  • Proving the theory and developing best practices through inventing and prototyping:
    • Digital (mobile and desktop)
    • Mixed Realities and tele-presence
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Physical
    • Spatial
    • Services.
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Good Local

What strategy, products and services would grow the economy of shared services?

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The Challenge

The client did not know what products and services they could offer consumers to grow the adoption of shared services. UX Designer, Ngaire Wex and I identified the problem, growth strategies, designed 6 concept products and services, and designed 2 MVP's.

Our Solution

A strategy for creating an online aggregator of business partners that captured customers during life-changing moments and conveniently supported their journey of learning new lifestyle skills, with each of their own cross-channel experiences.


Discovery of 6 key industry areas that showed signs of strong traction from engaging parents in children's homework to triggering lifestyle changes when people begin moving house.


  • Identified personas to interview, in autobiographies.
  • Surveys to find users and perceptions.
  • Journey maps to find service touchpoints.
  • Hook model to discover customer retention.


  • Contextual enquiries and interviews.
  • Prototyping to test barriers, messaging and traction.


 MVP’s to test traction

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