I create visuals that help bring your teams' futuristic ideas to life.


I’m a futurist. I help you envision, problem solve and explain the workings of your idea. I then communicate it as an illustrated story set in the future. I visualise with an understanding of all touchpoints because I design for them all: digital, services, physical products and spaces. 

Envisioning the future

Problem solving it together

Explaining how it works

Storytelling it

UX Sketchnoting Meetup

Bring your startup idea, and together we’ll envision and problem solve it for 1 hour.


  1. We will pick one founder’s startup idea they are currently working.

  2. Warm up by sketching their vision.

  3. Then use one of many UX strategy templates (like the Business Model Canvas and the Empathy Map) to problem solve an aspect of the startup by sketching it out together.

  4. End with sharing the drawings and total praise.


Pencil / pen. Coloured pencils / markers if you like. We will have A4 paper.

You can buy a sketchbook and materials at Eckersley’s on 93 York Street and Officeworks at 66 Clarence Street, near Wynyard station.

When and where

3pm Wednesday 7th November @ Fishburners, Ideas Space on level 3.

Startup founder of the week

How do I create a value proposition for a cutting edge, new product I have no major competitors for?

We’ll help Tat Banerjee of QBLM create a value proposition for his AI software that translates videos into videos with subtitles of all languages. 

I’ve modified Ben Crothers’ Value proposition canvas to work specifically for teasing out the value proposition of a startup that has a product the market has never seen before. We’ll use it in 3 steps:

  1. Work out the needs and pains of the early adopter (just like using an empathy map) and list the benefits of using Tat’s product.

  2. Then check to see how well aligned the benefits are is solving the pains and needs.

  3. Why is Tat’s idea a must have, and if not what features are missing to make the ultimate sales pitch?


If your startup idea could do with a little nudge in a constructive direction through groupwork, let me know in advance and we’ll book it in.

Mobile: 0416858303