9th June 2016 Routine gives energy to creativity

The meeting with Michael and Jean, director of Earth Kids went really well and she offered to help host the project and upsell it to the G8 network of 400 kindergartens.

I showed her the technology and the 5 themes (one for each day of the week's worth of prototyping to be launched.) She was so fast to pick up on how to communicate the idea in lamens terms to her team as each staff member walked in. We had about 3 staff members walk in for other reasons and suddenly just get engrossed in it. We validated right there and then how soulful, natural and wholesome this technology felt. 

I have committed to the task of launching this project instead of looking for jobs, and yet I allowed myself to respond to another recruitment agent just for the sake of more money and because the casino job started to emotionally get to me. I worry my performance will see me get fired.

I got to this point by not planning my week on Monday and take too long to come back to my daily routine. Having late nights also killed my creativity. On Monday I could feel I needed to follow my routine and the first sign was wanting to diarise. I could feel that I needed to follow my gut feeling, that I was detached from it and by Wednesday morning I was aware I was becoming reliant on other people's gut feeling - I called Michael and asked too much for his guidance which frustrated him. I have essentially lost this week because I didn't follow my routine and plan on the Monday morning. This mix lead me to lose my confidence, but though re-establishing my routine and diarising I see quickly that I can rely on myself and find the way.

I find Michael to contradict himself which makes it hard to know which advice to follow. I take both options he gives me. It always feels like he gives two. But I like that too. He leaves the ball in my court and really I am the leader of this project. It frustrates him when I'm not (which again only happens if I don't follow my routine to establish my clear inner guidance and weekly plan as well. So the answer to that is to just create what I think is necessary and then show him the result. Show my work with pride and gain critique, not before I created anything. Same with Sylvie or anyone. Lead with action, then take criticism. don't search for criticism as guidance first.

...And why would I want to avoid doing the reflections? I learn so much about myself and keep moving forward that way - each day that I do it!. That's a lot of learning real fast. Going a few days without my routine makes me go back to where I started - at a desperate state. It's such a big difference.


  1. Without following my routine, anything I do becomes uncreative and a tiering chore. It just becomes work.
  2. By following my routine first, I am in the mindset to be in a creative flow and connected with what others who receive my creative work will like. It means I begin to enjoy my work and believe in it and see the big picture infront of me.
  3. I need to have rest and go straight to bed after coming home. It's bad enough that I am doing such a tough job and faced with 2 computer monitors at night that I should not follow it up with more late night emails infront of a screen. I don't think in a balanced way and get silly at night anyway - I see how my behaviour gets silly like the others by nightfall.
  4. It's very time-consuming and difficult to write and describe something that doesn't yet exist. It's so much easier to write from experience. For that reason it's important to prototype and create first, then reflect in writing ideally before writing a polished PR piece. Another trick is to do some research as well but my modus of Operandi is creating with my hands.
  5. Show my work with pride and gain critique, not before I created anything. Same with Sylvie or anyone. Lead with action, then take criticism. don't search for criticism as guidance first.


Daily Routine

1.      Listen to The Way of the Superior Man

2.      Love Diary

3.      Visual diary: write + sketch

4.      practice Mindful app at breakfast.


Weekly Routine

  1. Mondays: plan week.