18 June 2016 Creative breakthroughs are inspired by award winning creativity.

Schnucki caught the flue and was crying thinking she had ruined my birthday. I walked about a bit robotic that morning worrying too much about how I would complete the project on time.

She never needed to feel that way. Luxury is found in beauty and relaxation / quality time. She has a unique ability to create both with so little.

In her card, Schnucki admired me for my energy in pursuing my project and hoped we would soon have our own family and life back on track. I do too. The stress of this casino job really is killing us both.

Even though it hurt her to speak, we woke up together with her wishing me happy birthday and when I returned from the shower, she had perfectly placed a small gift for me and the colours were so perfectly balanced. I made breakfast for her with my mother's spreadable goats cheese, honey and her new bread which tastes like Hönekaka. Then we watched a German documentary on Yellow Stone National Park, one of her favourite places.

I sense on these days how much both these important women in my life care for me. I can see my mother would rather have a great relationship with me than to suffer like she and we did and wants to see me stand on my own feet.

I'm tempted to create a secret page for James Viles on my website with sketches of table ware just for Biota Dining and to role play being the Maker persona I am writing as a starting point to doing a Brumby Spirit experience with him. But I know that it may come across as weird so early without him knowing me, and i must prioritise my health (so that I don't feel overwhelmed by pursuing many more tasks created by a half baked pursuit) and this kindergarten project to give myself the best chance of success.

When I begin to feel the project goes out of control and I worry I will not make it by the installation date, that's when I normally begin to plan the project. I can then see how big the To Do list is and start to cut it down and leave some work to be done after the installation.

16 June

On Thursday I showed my prototype to Arthur, Des and Geoff before I went off to UTS library to project plan. We were at the Great Southern pub on George street and it felt so great to get their support. I felt as though I had never been judged and that it was OK to have failed and they gave me permission to have felt so low for so long. It felt so gentle and encouraging. Arthur is a great mentor in his own way. No one is perfect but that was beautifully handled and it meant a lot. They gave me contacts and encouraged me to reconnect with John Hirsch who by Friday was interested in getting more specs.

As I was talking to Des, Artur said to Geoff, "no/but this is convincing!" looking at me, and I'm sure he meant this project as a business idea.

The Design

This week I discovered the Inks pinball game app when I looked at the Apple Design awards. I rediscovered the importance of seeing the height of other people's 'unrestricted' creativity and trends. I love the creative mess created in water colours - 2 elements I took inspiration from and want to return to giving to kids in the digital projection of the maps and objects. I could picture the mes tomatoes could make, fruits and smoothies, either using the natural juices (eg water mellon juices that discolour paper pink) or just the creation of the town map using water colour effects and accidentally spilling the glass of coloured water and brushes to create a random effect, magical effects, or colour in black and white stencilled map features.  

I want to combine this effect of juices / watercolour mess with realism because it's important to show food in its real form. That inspired me in turn to have a kiosk (or an app + light box style cyclorama) that lets kids and staff take photos of found objects (like an apple or a banana). The software then searches Google images for identical matches (or the closest matches possible) and spits these out randomly onto the projection. The images could be framed or set in polaroids or deep etched if the software only selects images it can deep etch. This way the kids get variety to create, and serendipity if we can extend the search to include other random finds.

Parents could also buy a light box cyclorama and download the app so that thye can shoot images at home and contribute their produce and so that the child does not have to bring whole carrots and produce from the garden.  

Using and creatively documenting / diarising real objects is also important to child development. Montessori sees working with real things as very important.

I could imagine that if kids were baking and creating a big Gingerbread toWn or turning the furniture into a Gingerbread home / village, then the kind of mess the could create is amplified by smarties flying about or at least dust from flour.

Now I know why being aware of trends is sometimes a selection criteria of jobs - because the very best of creativity inspires more of the very best creativity. The most creative exhibits inspire the greatest creativity. It's like an unbridled energy that gets transmitted to fuel someone else's new idea. It doesn't have to be a trend that we look for, it can just be the one unique exhibit. But if we do Look in trends then we see new cool thing can also draw a sizable audience while seeing a varieties of similar forms of expression. Seeing a variety of forms of expression helps build in our mind ideas of possible applications that suit many people and the contexts of these. So trends are more practical than the heightened creativity of the award winning individual's creative work.

Saturday mornings should involve looking at trends and awards.


Weekly Routine

  • Mondays: Plan week
  • Saturdays: Review awarded designs and trends



  1. When you have a simple business idea that is "convincing" as Arthur called mine when he saw it on Thursday, then others who previously were unable to understand the idea and didn't seem clued on, in fact come out of the woods quite surprisingly with great and yet very simple wisdom.
  2. An idea can be complex but its core must be simple to work as a business.
  3. Draw inspiration from the creativity of trends and winners of design awards.
  4. The most creative ideas come from being inspired by the most creative exhibits (individual breakthroughs or the variety of expressions confined to a trend).
  5. Creative breakthroughs are inspired by award winning creativity.