2nd June 2018: Refocusing

I’m starting the diary again from feeling lost in the new smart city domain and job that cares only about making money above doing good. It left me confused about what my direction was and feeling disbelief in my own direction. I’d tell myself that I don’t know where to get a job in education, and that the market looks so small because I don’t know it – I haven’t put myself and expressed my expertise out there. One thing is true about my feelings and that is that I am new to smart cities. I realise yet again that Education is my strongest area I need to return to. I like that I’ve learned a lot about smart cities and that it has helped me find missing pieces to the puzzle to my business planning and monetisation, more specifically (“financial engineering” as smart cities calls it). From a point of weakness (starting a new career path away from my purpose and area I know well) there is little chance for me to consult, make money or move forward other than to continue to be a wage-slave. It’s draining how even with a decent salary, the money doesn’t last, especially with a politically-draining environment like the one I’m working in. I can’t make a difference there because I only use a small % of my skills.
Schnucki is also leaving for 5 weeks on Sunday to Germany even though we both badly need a holiday. It makes me sad and nervous. I’m listening to Swedish nature sounds and videos of Swedes talking because I miss my home culture so much. Sydney feels like a prison.
I also admire Renee Redzepi’s focus in his diary, to challenge his creativity, to perpetually reinvent himself through projects where he can grow and make a difference. 
What is exciting and worrying is that I don’t know who my home crowd is and that by blogging as the first step to attract them for 3 months, I’ll begin to see where my voice has traction. It could be hard to find my audience in Germany from so far away.
The workplace became the funnel that tries to control and restrict my expression. I need as a minimum to use social media to express myself fully and freely.
As soon as tied all random goals and their tasks to supporting one strategy, which was the PhD proposal, I felt enlivened. I had the focus of a strategy. The PhD will give me the framework that both thrills me and brings together all components I need. It gives each goal and task a purpose I can live, breath and dance about daily. This would also affect my bio as well in my CV and social media profiles, over time.

1.    I need to build my primary audience in education and edtech. Any other topic or audience is tangential and of temporary interest and to attract specific people. Like George Verghese said, I need to draw inspiration from other work to build my own world view but not get lost in that world to the extent I feel like I’m starting a new career path away from my purpose. 
2.    I need to surround myself with inspirational, nourishing works like Redzepi’s diary, and people like inspiring creatives. They may not be mentors but their path reveals the direction they took that I can adapt to expedite my path.


Long term:
1.    To set up a forest kindergarten as a research institute.
2.    Do a Phd to make the village responsive (physically and digitally) so that it increases children’s and their preschool communities’ creative and learning potential.
3.    To support PhD’s in schooling philosophy.
4.    Build a residual income of $100,000 annually and direct income.

Short term, first quarter (4 June – 4 September): finish PhD research proposal
1.    PhD research proposal:
a.    Review influential works to
b.    Define the question to
c.    Write the essay
d.    Milestones based on business planning
2.    Blog to build my Education & Smart Edtech audience and as a research method to:
a.    Who they are:
i.    Globally and in Germany & China
ii.    Expert leaders (philosophical theory and practice), parents as customers and buyers of the solution (because I need to know the market I will be serving during and after the PhD). 
b.    The state of art of my research field, so I know what’s been done and has not been done yet.
c.    Where my home crowd and leaders congregate in the world.
d.    Where future longer term markets are
e.    Where the early adopters are and who they are (China?)
f.    What conferences and market opportunities are around them.
3.    Business plan of the research institute that supports my PhD with milestones and strategy.
a.    Pitch parts to test holes in it.
b.    Routinely review audience stats to see how I’ll pivot next (what needs learning from who).
4.    Find a relevant job in Munich and Sydney 50/50.
5.    Visualise /sketch how the project will look in stages. This will inspire me to see the enchanting magic in the project again.
a.    Sketch weekly concepts.
b.    When the PhD research proposal reaches clarity, I’m ready to sketch the final vision. 
c.    When the rough version of the business plan reaches clarity I can sketch concepts of sponsored MVP’s.

2nd Quarter (4 September – December): Funding
1.    Renew website with new vision: 6 weeks.
2.    Apply for Philanthropy, Grants and sponsorship
3.    33x33 but smaller or smaller steps, and targeted first.
4.    Redo website
5.    Competition entries. 
6.    Jobs in Germany

Nice to have

These are ideas that I can’t tell if they are a strategic manoeuvre or will just take me further away from the goal. I can experiment and see
1.    Guest lecturing via video conference at German universities
2.    TEDx / conference talks
3.    Set up a meetup focused on smart tech (with my own focus on education leading to behavioural change???)
4.    Redo my Magic Garden website completely to express my future vision and what I need funding for.
5.    Research parents using The Dream Continuum (TDC). 
6.    Ask neighbours for photo opportunities to finish TDC white paper.
7.    Hanging out and supporting those I admire for a week.
8.    “Designer in residence” positions.
9.    German blogging partner? Or Blog in German and improve my German speaking skills.



Saturday morning: Reflection – creative rejuvenation – refocus.
1.    Find and watch / read exemplary works by top talent that inspires me to keep reaching for the best. This may also support my PhD question.
2.    Visual diary
3.    Plan week ahead and blog topics.
4.    Prep for finding work in Germany
Saturday afternoon: Sport outing
Saturday evening: Tax return
Sunday: business & PhD
5.    Morning: read philanthropy
6.    Medium article that supports the PhD research question.
7.    Business plan
Weekday mornings: 
1.    1 hour: Blog daily – be uninhibited. Express fully and freely as much as possible in as many different creative forms as possible. Sketching, video, Medium etc.
2.    1 hour: 1 job application or get my profile up on job boards to increase my discoverability

Weekdays 5:30pm: Reflection diary
Weekday evenings: till 8pm, either: 
•    Meetups
•    Dance / gym and/or
•    Read inspiring works that relate to my PhD question. 

Goals for this weekend
3 references sent to Marti, Bryce and Arthur. 
Ask Ngaire to translate into German and tell me about German job boards.
Work out:
1.    Who I’m trying to attract first as an audience and partner / influencer:
2.    How to use the hero’s journey and the “How, what, why, where, when” strategies
a.    To tell my high level story to them both.
b.    Define the blog topics / creations for the week
3.    Do my first video experiment.
4.    Do my first medium article.

Who I need to find

1st quarter:
1. Preschool director who has practiced Regio Emilia schooling philosophy (or at least a preschool broker)
2. Parents in Munich: They are the first market I’ll serve.
3. University department interested in partnering and supporting a PhD research:
•    Identify possible university departments and do backgrounds check to identify the best places to University department research.
•    Write PhD research proposal at the same time.
4. Early adopters of the technology and schooling philosophy once I identify them – to test my assumptions about them
5. Philanthropists, grant providers, angel investors
Get started as soon as I have a rough pitch: 
•    To test and debug my pitch
•    To build relationships
Or wait till September when the business plan and its pitch is clearer?

2nd Quarter
1. “Designer In Residence” position opportunities. This is similar to the 33x33 approach and requires:
•    Pitch
•    PhD research proposal
•    Ideally the Magic Garden website reflects the new vision and next steps.
2. Sponsorship for small-scale roll-out (travelling incursions with the interactive theatre) and larger project (forest kindergarten), which requires:
•    Pitch (the business plan and PhD proposal will inform this)
•    Business plan (the Phd research proposal will inform part of this)
•    Audience (this will inform the PhD research proposal)