15 July: Full time vs part time (status quo)

Thoughts on whether I focus full time using Michael's angel investment in me or not.

  1. Do it myself (go full time or take months longer)


I only need to test that the technology works.


I can still ask Alex what's required to  make art ready / useful for the 2nd stage of full scale development.


And if I do it full time then Michael will too.


  1. Look through Alex Christian or at least ask him what is required


  1. Put out an add - this is very labour intensive as first I need to talk to Alex Christian to get the spec right and then it takes s long time to find the right people to check out which is like an ongoing audition.


I have a fear of rejection. I instantly feel rejected if the 


My gut feeling tells me to do it on my own and learn the process of doing it because I will feel empowered through knowing and through setting an example by exhibiting first.


I also have full control of the look and feel and don't have to compromise or guide the artist. This is more for those who don't have time and talent.


What I create is the brief. 


I began this journey in criticism of Sean's unwillingness to commit 100% to his art.


I want a partner who I can work with full time together.


Risks: We bought the tickets for Europe.


I still need safety of job, to have one foot in there incase it doesn't work out with the partnership???


I feel like I'm jeopardising this project with indecision and underestimating time.


Sylvie is also not focusing. She just wants to take time off, sets dates by when she will start in ernest, but she never does. I also waste time in project management but don't get any real work done, preventing me further from briefing Sylvie on the time frames and holding us back.


  1. If I keep my job (as they say, don't quit your job when forming a startup) then I need to take much longer on this project.


I work slavishly on this stupid project management plan that gets me nowhere, at the expense of normal things like preparing us to go to work and taking medicines.


I can't plan with a resource I don't have and neither UX or the graphic designer or Sylvie are resources that I have. I only still have myself.


Inclusion of a low vision researcher. To help with uncovering metrics. That's also not just researched but also discovered through seeing the prototype work. This causes the project to slow down a lot because of the assistance needed.


Another risk is Marti's project taking shape. Having too many balls in the air (projects / jobs  as focal points) and too many people to rely on (especially if they are unreliable) is stressful.