19 July 2016 Resourc eproject better

I need to resource the project better so that it's not just up to me, and work more on the project.

Two talents are missing:

  1. An early learning child psychologist specialising in Positive Psychology (which relates to game design well).
  2. A business designer or a business + marketing professional who has mentored at hackathons or has experience in lean startup processes.

Email to Michael

I finished reading the EYLF which contains 5 learning outcomes.

From what I see, the Creative Curriculum can be measured with cameras and X-box Kinect. What to measure is in Learning Outcome 4.

I've made a long list of possible things to measure throughout all 5 learning outcomes. There is overlap between sections.

Our focus could again then be the Creative Curriculum (Creative Confidence) learned through role play. This opens us up to collaboration with IDEO who want to get more adults (and kids I assume) to have more creative confidence.

Learning Outcome 5 covers communication:

  1. Technology
  2. Articulation: literacy
  3. Problem solving: Numeracy

It's not our main focus for designing and measuring much, but a lot of the points support our project.

I saw on Lateline how Virtual Reality makes experiences memorable, thereby increasing retention of knowledge, skills and wisdom. Kids already learn through hand son experiences. But let's say that this technology could go beyond current indoor playsets / props, then maybe our design can increase the speed kids learn. In lamens terms we make experiences memorable and increase retention too.