26th May 2016 Form

Images: Biota dining. I love the handcrafted works by food makers


I'm not surprised I enjoyed the object meditation yesterday while making breakfast and baking. Touch is the most important experience for me, and it's how I express love. So consequently anything that connects with touch, like form, is very important. In fact, anything that extends from, form is also important and inspiring, like the quality of craftsmanship and ballet.

At first, I didn't like the feeling of plastics but I learned to appreciate those too. I must have had associations with mass-consumerism & cheap production and a romantic vision of the hand-crafted. As soon as I pictured the mass produced as a designer who took care in the design, I could feel the object's qualities with sensitive delight.


  • Doing object meditation while I do something is my way to reconnect with objects that I serendipitously happen to be touching. touch is the most important way I express myself in love.
  • Object meditation is my way to attach joy to crafting something, by appreciating form, texture, warmth... and imagining the designer's intention and the crafting or mass-production process. By associating form with joy trough pleasure of touching, it's easy to become proud of my creative ability in sculpting something or creating form (2D or 3D). 
  • Object meditation is my way to reconnect with the act of crafting in its many forms, from sketching to building prototypes and sculpting... as well as be inspired by (instead of envying) other types of form and the talented people who created those abstract notions of form.
  • I express this need for touch in different ways or in different tiers of importance. The most important is to express and feel love through touch. An extension of that is to create and appreciate physical forms that have been crafted or designed. The final is to appreciate and be inspired by abstract interpretations fo form like ballet.  
  • Meditation works best when it is aligned with and supports your main talent.

Object meditation has been a revelation like watching ballet the first time in Warsaw.