27th March 2016

The reason why I respond with fear to using hyperbole and representing my work that way is because I am painting a picture of what I could do, but without concrete strategy or proof that I could do it. That fear then slows me down by a factor of many times (eg weeks instead of days, plus I don't talk like that because I'm not doing it now or have nothing amazing to express as a story). 


Things become very different, and I become calm & convincingly excited when I find a strategy to achieve my hyperbolic claims. Even stronger is to be doing it right now ("this is happening right now!") or to have done it ("we just had this happen!"). 


So if I am going to talk about global impact then I need to get on with developing the app for the role play and roll it out internationally.


Thinking like this also means i don't feel dependent on the investors, keeping me calmer because I know I will try to achieve all this myself anyway.


Investors respond strongly to extreme language (hyperbole): 


I have to work out how we strategically implement PCP in each service we provide from the small preschool to the online theatre service to the large R&D incubator.