30th April 2017: Effective leadership of effective team = growth 

Now that I am building teams I need to get more effective. Especially once the pressure piles on managing multiple streams of projects and the cards going out.

To fire off cards requires military precision. The moment I have to back it up as a team member is when I lose oversight and I lose time and fall out of my routine which makes me loose exponentially more time and it creates a bad cycle. So it's vital to build that army of students and volunteers to function.

If I am not effective, I can not know what is realistic to achieve and I can not meet my expectations and deadlines. If that happens I am seen as unreliable. I then lose respect of those around me in the team and they stop taking the project seriously, waiting for me to deliver. And then it creates a cycle of me waiting for them and them waiting for me.

Doing a test with a smaller team of students on Monday I think is smart because I get to know the resources in the building as well as what a team of 2 students can achieve. It becomes the MVT (minimum viable test).

I am committed to stop biting nails and fingers. There are levels of being a man that I want to restore. It is in defiance of being turned by money into a robot. And it's in response to how feeling good from weight lifting and chiropractic work, increases my confidence to try the next bad habit I want to break in favour of some good ones that make me feel like a higher being, a superior man. I can see how having a good back is a corner stone, like weight lifting and healthy hands, to greater confidence and many other exponentially growing list of benefits. The effective habits of the most successful people is also a way to become a higher being and it moulds me into a leader.

Each time I try to bite, I will use the moment to appreciate the same part of my body in a gentle way. It's also a way to be mindful. 

Weekly standup phone calls with my team are essential. I should aim to do that Saturday mornings. 

I realised while talking to Michael that transmedia games are:

  1. A project management process
  2. A new way to do UX / design thinking

It's an HCD process that evolves with the customer (a few chairmen of the board / directors) and goes live, evolving with their social / customer network. So in short it's a project design thinking management process that goes live. It's potentially a smarter way of doing marketing and projects because the process is:

a crowd funder + marketing campaign + HCD design
+ prototyping process + startup process + sales 

Transmedia games may be a new way to achieve a rigurous Posthuman business + design process.

Mental imagery must be strongly linked to being an effective & happier person and a higher being. For that reason I think it's essential to understand that following my own way is the only way I can remain happy and focused. It's so easy and poisonous to become drawn into the NWO. It's someone else's agenda, not mine or my path in life. Both the NWO and anyone else's agenda for the matter, reduces me to a robot. Being an effective leader means to be 100% committed to my own path, because doing what I love will always put me in a creative flow where I am the most productive and quickest. And there for whatever a large complex organisation can do to put sticks in my ways, I as a startup and as a leader will always find workarounds for. As such, I also don't need to worry about that i get sucked into fulfilling the agenda of investors. I will select the ones that support my agenda and if not, then they can get bought out by a better investor. There is always a creative way around any problem.

Most of the stuff I read is hype and bullshit anyway. I will only keep a light eye on it so that I can remain a step ahead with my own practical measures that I can do without thinking too much about them. 

Following my own path is the fastest way to becoming an effective leader and push other's distracting agendas. If I draw people's attention to anyone else's agenda but my own, I lose their respect, participation and my flow. 


Website Ideas

  1. Simple pitch + architectural rendering
  2. Product page
  3. curriculum page
  4. Personalised pitch pages for each investor
  5. Blog + social media links and feeds
  6. Future vision of early childhood education photographic story
  7. 3D printing + terraformer self asembling robots + assembled polygons + hanging wires + info-holograms overlayed in nature + nature (foraging etc)
  8. About page with extended team profiles
  9. Logo

Posthuman Movement

This is a list of bachelor degree projects that could be run as an MVT to help formulate what Posthuman could be in each and raise questions worth answering as a PhD. 

Posthuman Business (and commerce / investment)

  1. The transmedia crowdfunder as a new business-design process
  2. I may need to first have done my own business and financials and in that process discovered worthwhile problems. Or I could research business / startup theories and project management processes. Or I could just network my way towards figuring out a starting point for what Posthuman Business could be about.

Posthuman Marketing

  1. Working with game design students and Design Thinking process to create a new process using transmedia crowd funder.

Posthuman Architecture

Architecture students role playing being Karin Murris to devise:

  1. Rendering
  2. Summary paragraph / report
  3. 1 phrase / formula  
  4. Design tools
  5. Questions & interesting problems & opportunities

Posthuman Games

Posthuman Design (all disciplines)

Posthuman Mechatronics





Get funded to work full time on the project


  1. Grow Team
  2. Website published: demonstration + 1 page snapshot
  3. Send cards and prep next one.


  • I let the website be the priority over building an effective team. I would have discovere sooner I need to become effective as a leader too. So it was caused by fear. 

  • I wasted time on making a nice website. I decided to just get it up and then improve it as a lower priority.


  1. Strategy: The main task of May is the strategy. (This should help me work out how to achieve the rest of the year). Read Brandon's 2 printouts. 
  2. Keep building student army.
  3. Quotes:  read Tessa's book
  4. Write pitch with Michael and Karin and update it. Add it to the site.
  5. Network to build team for cards, website future vision, 3D printing & robotics, transmedia crowd funders.
  6. Add parts to the website: About page
  7. Grow 22x22 contact list and clean up spreadhseet
  8. make backup cards.



  1. Practise pitch
  2. Make video pitch
  3. Website now has:
    1. simplified Pitch + rendering of architecture
    2. product page
    3. curriculum page
    4. possibly: personalised webpages for each investor
  4.  Finalise quotes
  5. Accounting

3rd Quarter

  1. Pepare transmedia crowd funder
  2. Social media + blog

4th Quarter

Transmedia crowd funder





  1. Visual Diary
  2. Manicure: read / watch one article + care 
  3. Imagine book
  4. Effective habits planning


  1. Health & feeling good is then foundation to increased confidence and path to being a more effective leader and man.
  2. Forming and testing the team's capabilities and readiness is the preperatory process for achieving military presiscion. The test is the rehersal.  
  3. Trasnmedia may be a new effective Posthuman 
  4. Being an effective leader of an effective team is vital foundation for growth. 
  5. Follow my own path and build new habits of effectiveness to achieve that.