29th May 2016 Creativity is Spiritual & Random

Michael came over yesterday and we enjoyed a picnic with Christine and Schnucki. Afterwards we layout out my work (personas drawn on the loose leaves from the sketchpad) and the laptop. 

When I run projects I normally fret I won't have enough tasks to keep people busy. With Michael it's different because he acts as a guide. More than that I could have spiritual conversation the way a creative does - to just talk about creativity and past experiences and new realisations. It was a discussion on how creativity works, to extend our creative abilities and report back on the week's learning. After that he set me up with some Google tools to begin helping me organise material to see more connections and relationships between te personas, now that I naturally began to see more relationship. During the week I had sent him the email above. I was apprehensive to tell him about my idea for the insurance company frame and thought it was really daring to show my Brumby Spirit Slide Deck, thinking I'd surely lose him then. But both risks paid off and he loved both of them and we began to go through some of the elements with me, including how the audience might perceive it. He wondered why i hadn't realised the idea before (what made it fail) but I think it's too much of a blur now and the list is too long maybe that I would be able to summarise the reason yet.

We also went through what the Agile principles mean: http://agilemanifesto.org/

While Schnucki was preparing an amazing dinner with Chrstine (Chicken soup, Yorkshire pudding for the first time [inspired by our breakfast at Georgina and Moran], and pancakes) I showed Michael the making of the Shadow Puppet show, ran through Solid Works, and my prototype for the kindergarten experience (with the micro-digital projector and the Logitech cam). It's nice that it's possible to show all these random things - I don't have to have a clear single-minded focus with a creative. 

Tasks Ahead

  1. Create personas using the Google Form
  2. Create relationship diagrams and descriptions like the above email as soon as I have an Aha! moment.
  3. Continue filling out the spreadsheet of contacts as I go through the interview notes.
  4. Map the relationships between personas and their flow along a user journey, of my Brumby Spirit insurance idea.
  5. Project Plan


  • With Michael or creatives like him, it's possible to have a spiritual conversation about being creative and this on its own can be time well spent in a relaxing atmosphere ahead of doing any work. It brings us into a creative mood.
  • Creatives give you permission to have random projects on the side and love to explore them with you. We all need them as creatives.