4 Feb 2016 Purpose of this visual diary

This diary's purpose will be to collect my own wisdoms to myself, to guide me towards sustaining a creative flow. "Eternally experimenting" are the words that best define my life's path. 

A closeup of what I saw first when I studied the scene. I omitted it from the scene because it wasn't important to what made the scene serene and reflective.

I was inspired by reading Rene Dedzepi's diary and Johan Turesson's advice to document everything along the journey. The journey has begun yesterday and I'm grateful that the new team (fiona, Michael Lai, Conor Curtis) I met at the State Library were happy to do their own project while meeting with me to engage in mine. I was grateful that I have this course to propel me and to have been inspired by Thomas Gourgand at ITSM who after 2 years finally felt ready to start his Jaguar Joyride car rental business. ITSM also let me go for 2 hours to join the meeting.