19th December 2016 Pioneers are the rare few that escape the Matrix

I always wanted to free people to be creative, particularly the masses. That was impossible. The question to make it work is, "Who do you free?". I realise that, now as I consider creating a preschool that supports kids with extreme-talent and Illnesses, which it does to build their creative confidence and unique voice using Children's Philosophy. 

The question in the film, The Matrix, was never whether to free the masses but rather to find and free Neo, the one who needed it most because he didn't fit in with the zombie-like, following-masses in society. Because of his uniqueness he also had the greatest potential for becoming a heroic change agent. He gained the learning and mentoring support necessary to help him become the successful change agent and messiah he was. His preparation involved 3 foundational elements: freeing his mind and ultimately knowing himself and the established order of the Matrix well. This foundation overcomes fear to find opportunity in adversity (creative confidence). It also helped him first enter and exit the Matrix and perform work in it with ease (without suffering). The foundation then empowered him to begin manipulate the established order of the Matrix, to bring about revolutionary change in a way that expressed his values.

While we can't limit ourselves to freeing one individual, it makes better sense to focus on freeing the 2 segments of the population who arguably feel they need it most. They feel that way as a result of not fitting in. They also have the greatest potential to become change makers because they will always be and think differently. They also are the most willing to pay and give for the cause. The way to serve the 2 segments is by supporting their independent creative thinking so that they have the confidence to keep doing so as adults and increase their self awareness (awareness of their unique strengths and weaknesses).

The fault of Children's Philosophy was always that it was missing business sense to grow from having a strong footing serving a small extreme-user-group (from where it could grow into attracting the mainstream masses). In addition to targeting an extreme user we are now also creating an incubator that cocoons the development of CP.

To leave the matrix, recurring circumstances in your life have to hurt enough for you to seek an exit, sometimes even a permanent exit. Both ill and the talented suffer enough to seek the exit. They express seeking the exit using vague terms like "finding a way". Finding a way first involves trying to cooperate with the established order while doing their own thing. So their efforts are trying to please themselves and the order at the same time, which at first doesn't work. The most common example is struggling to make a startup work using their creative talent. Business is an established order in the matrix. What happens later is that like Neo, they do indeed "find ways" to coexist with the Matrix. They know both themselves and the order of business well enough to dip in and out, connect and disconnect from the Matrix without as much emotional pain of "having to do business" as before. This swip-swapping is their foundation that then leads them to revolutionize the mental space, actions and environment of the following masses around them. 

This swip-swapping may allude to how we intra-act with the capitalist order. Or is intr-acting different and never shown in The Matrix? It's different than to be at one with or be in control.

Investment money doesn't favour serving unique ideas pitched to the vague masses. Money favours change agents with unique competitive ideas proven on early adopters (the disciples) who are ready to spread the change agent's influence.



  1. Those who suffer enough from being different will find a way to be freed from their suffering. They have the most potential to become change agents.
  2. There are 3 foundations that support being freed from suffering from being different and then becoming a successful change agent:
    1. to free your mind (which lets you keep evolving creatively)
    2. to know yourself
    3. to know the established order around you
  3. Very few people in society truly (maybe one in each profession) have what it takes to break free and pioneer. This is my strength and I need to communicate it to investors.
  4. Embrace those creatives who have overcome their illnesses and challenges. They may be the next pioneers.
  5. Once you see the order for what it is (eg the legal industry in Sydney or all that has been thought of by designers before designing the Magic Garden), you see the followers and how they think alike. And it is then that you can break free to plan a strategy and find the very few people (eg the top lawyers) that stand out from the rest and are capable of pioneering or helping you maintain the quality of your pioneering effort. They are your home crowd. They are a needle in a hay stack to find. Less creative and passionate people will complain that they are hard to find but the method to finding them is to spend enough time figuring out first how the industry functions and what it's current state of performance is / what does it offer and how do the masses in the firms think. They you build criteria in your mind for what you ideally want and start manually trawling till you find the rare individuals that stand out.