7th May 2016 A singular path void of creative distractions

I presented my ideas to Thomas Gourgand but he wasn't interested in them or my approach other than to potentially in the future use them for one of his six services. I was too enthusiastic to the point of being pushy and backed off. I had also seen in the past that he had struggled with being innovative. I'm grateful for this experience that has come at the right time. I could have diluted my effort on a project I'd again have to design to suit someone else's narrow vision. There are so many people who just don't know the power of innovation, design and how to implement it. It's time I give up on designing for other people even if there's money in it. I was thinking of helping him in return for access to his programmer an lawyer but already felt this was a mistake before talking to him. So talking to him was a test.

He wants to spread himself thin by offering 6 services. I find it a slow way to learn but I'm sure it will work. It won't get the most excited customers and seems more of a diluted approach. 

My idea was the opposite and closer to minimalist: to only form a really intense bond with between just the most hard core Jaguar fans and the Jaguar car itself and its culture. I framed it as if it were like a touring bike ride for pro's and fighter pilot's briefing. I pictured the customer being strapped with sensors or wearing the apple watch, walking in excited into a hangar where the car is waiting for them. The car stands next to a pane of toughened glass. The customer is given a briefing by a mechanic while digital projections on the glass appear like holograms over the car, showing cross sections of the car where sensors and special features unique to the car are hidden - technology that will bring the customer closer to the heart of the car and allow them to know how to bring the most out of its and their own performance.  They also see a projection of their body and where sensors are placed and measuring organs. Inside the car is their iphone or smartphone with an app acting as a second dash board that will collect data on them and the car - as if their heart beats are one. (Personification of the car and the human - mind and organs.) The windscreen would have a GoPro camera. In fact the car could have several cameras attached with suction cups to the windscreen looking at the driver as well as looking away from the car to help piece together a top view of the car. The footage could be pieced together to make a film of the driver - and just think of the bragging rights they'd get.

The customer could then drive off to different parts of the country to experience terrain that will bring their heart rate up and they could play back the video and heart rate (and other organ and technology analytics). They could also meet people along the way at pit stops, that deepen their relationship with the car and the brand. This may be a curator of Jaguars, a mechanic that can use an iPad to do further augmented reality cross sections and check & help explain the performance of the car to them. Shannons insurance would probably have great and interesting experts in their network that would become stakeholders.

The app would have captured their data for them to take home. It also is a reason for them to come back and beat their performance while facing new challenges custom built to their wishes and new budget. Maybe the customers will progressively spend more.

When they come back to the aerodrome / hangar they would get a debrief that's more comprehensive than at the mechanic's and a chance to book their next drive and plan it while still on a high.  A hangar also makes sense because it can be next to a jet fighter hangar like in Sessnoc and cost less while being surrounded by the impressive "extreme aerospace technology" culture.


  1. Most people don't know how to implement innovation and treat it as a lower priority. That means that any projects I engage them on will bend me to their agenda of creating something insipid.
    1. I will not create anything as effective and feel as complete if I produce designs to other's restricted way of thinking. Their projects are guided by their own unwavering vision.
    2. I am always successful when I create using my gut feeling.
    3. If what I am doing seems too similar and borrows too much of what I have already done, I should not pursue it. I am not exploring my limits enough. Otherwise I will not be reborn and stay fresh each time.
  2. What I really need to do is find people who actually want to work on my project so that our thoughts are in alignment, so that even though I am the driver it is possible to rely on their passion to guide them towards a solution that agrees with my gut feeling and my vision. It feels like this might be a part of the natural process for building a team that has a high trust quotient operates like a tight nit family.

The preparations for the photo shoot through talking to work friends at ITSM and my spreadsheet are going well. I'm full of enthusiasm. Because my self-confidence is growing I  don't hold back on what I want to achieve. I push my boundaries to ensure I enjoy learning lots from the playful process.

Thomas is kinda right too though - to trial different market segments and design solutions, but just not at the same time. While preparing the photoshoot I'm reminded how much fun it is to create for kids - the limitlessness of possibilities in being creative. you get away with so much. more than I ever would if I designed for a client or for adults alone. And I know designing for kids is a way to get to the adults and especially the seniors and forming the most meaningful exchange - but this contradicts my desire to solve the core problem of emotional conflict the artisanal food makers feel in startup mode.

Wondering about right now

Will I go the direction of designing for kids & multigenerational audiences or for the artisanal-food startup community? 

Trial and error will show. My format will be adding audiences as I go such as the rich so all I need to find is the audience that has the highest and fastest pickup rate through trial and error and have fun.