6th July 2016 Doing my own projects gives me more time with my wife.

Ideas from the past:


Since Sylvie came to Australia I always lost so much time that I prioritised to paperwork that never lead anywhere. They were ideas that required the support of someone else, from the Ideas Document for the museum to my employment search.


The only way I ever made progress was through my own projects or running one like the Magic Garden.


Creativity brings me together with people like my wife and frees time I can spend with them because I stay in a flow of successes. While paperwork only has a marginal chance of achieving success. It fights for an opportunity which comes with a high risk / slim chance of ever seeing success. That means you can pour and pour endless, limitless amount of time into the paperwork (like a grant application or employment, unless you know how to play the game) and get no success. And this is how I lose all my time available for being with friends, family and Schnucki.


Bit if I create, I see the result quickly, can share it (which brings people together and to me) and because I had a success early I have time left over for my wife.


There is a spiritual sense making to all of this.


So if I do paperwork I lose time with my wife.


But if I do what I do naturally, I gain time with my wife.